Procyon (pronounced as pro-see-on) – in Canis Minor the Lesser Dog – actually means “before the dog.” That’s because it rises into the sky shortly before the Dog Star Sirius in Canis Major. Procyon isn’t nearly as glaring as Sirius, but it’s always Sirius’ loyal leading dog. At Procyon Ventures, we see ourselves as the humble server who opens the grand drape for superstar startups and founders who are ready to make a dent in the universe. At Procyon Ventures, we are determined to change the world, just as you are.


We are excited to work with entrepreneurs who share the same vision of solving problems surrounding or through data. Our horizontal theme approach is agnostic to industries, and we believe in using data analytics, algorithm and machine learning to create a new system or improve existing system efficiency. We are also interested in Mobile/IT infrastructure such as data storage, security, transferring and processing which empowers efficiency advancement.

We are a truly early stage investor with a typical first cheque size of $50k-$500k, and additional capital and resources to continue supporting the entrepreneurs. Leveraging our powerful LP base with deep operational experience and connections in Asia, we are looking for capital efficient startups who are well positioned for global expansion from day one.

Contact Us


Mailing address: One Broadway, 14th Floor, Cambridge, MA

If you are an entrepreneur with unparalleled passion and deep insights for the problem you are trying to solve, and share our vision of solving it through data, we’d like to hear from you. As a disruptive company always starts from a great idea, we would love to help carrying that idea further. To submit a business plan, pitch deck, or even a research paper describing what you are working on, shoot us an email.